Dezaro Ghee


  • Contains Vitamins (A,D,E and K)
  • Minerals, Protein, Iron and Omega 3,9.
  • Helpful in pregnancy, brain, bones, skin, hair texture, eye, antioxidants, anti-ageing, keep heart healthy.
  • Increases immunity, improves digestion, naturally improves reproductive power, good for growing kids.
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Delicious, Smooth & Luscious, Smell The Aroma, Feel Taste Like Never Before…

The Vedic procedure is strictly followed while deriving the much essential ghee. One litre of ghee is obtained from around 38-42 litre of desi cow milk. The milk is primarily converted into yogurt by fragmentation of lactobacillus bacteria known as curdling. Then through traditional procedure of bilona, the curd undergoes churning with wooden.The butter obtained is then boiled degree of precision in order to get 100% pure organic Ghee rather than producing it from cream. The pure yellow ambrosia( Amrif) is then packed in glass bottles following all sanitary measures. We offer the purest of the thing poured in warmth of home and love of our cows.


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